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Time Out

1000 things to do in London
Number 690 Get a walk-in Backrub. For a quick stress-busting session, drop in on 1000 things to do in London

“The fantastic quick-stop massage shops run by
Walk-In Backrub. The convenience factor is high: you don’t need to take your clothes off or even lie down, as the treatments take place on ergonomic leather chairs.

You’ll find branches pretty much wherever serious shopping gets done: in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia at Charlotte Place, as well as off Carnaby Street Kingly Court, and in Selfridges.”

Unlike most massages I’ve had, where I’ve been asked to strip off and lie down, the treatment at this Neal’s Yard trinket involves you sitting in a chair for ten minutes or more, fully clothed, and letting an expert rub away your woes. A far better way to spend your lunch break than ramming your person through the Covent Garden crowds if you work here. And if you’re shopping? Well, ditch that heavy load for a moment… aaah.

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Get a Back massage in Walk in Backrub1

London Evening Standard

Walk in backrub are no appointment back massage shops in Central London. Evening Standard

Walk-in backrub are no appointment back massage shops in Central London. The massages offered are a combination of western and eastern massage techniques to help the body and mind relax and de-stress.

“After I finished my 20-minute backrub it felt like I had just had a good night’s sleep and I left there feeling incredibly invigorating. It lasted all evening and the following day with the effects lasting far longer than any conventional massage.”

The cost for a backrub varies from £12 to £40

Contact: 020 7436 9875 www.walkinbackrub.co.uk

The Guardian

“Get a wonderful massage before or after work at any of the Walk-in Backrub Centres in London”

A 10-minute backrub costs £12.00, rising to £60 for a full-body shiatsu treatment.”

Get a wonderful backrub massage before or after work.

The Metro

My expert massage therapist. The Metro London

“Anyone who doesn’t like the fuss of a regular massage – or doesn’t have the time – will love this quick and easy massage treatment from Walk-in Backrub.

I paid £22 for my back rub and my massage therapist Cristina was an expert at relieving all that pent-up tension, leaving me skipping back to work.”

The Walk-In Backrub is a wonderful place to go if you need a quick lift! A quick backrub can do wondrous things and a ten-minute massage can make you tingle all over and feel full of life. No appointment is necessary and you won’t have far to travel as there are six of these massage shops in central London.

Treatments include Full Body Shiatsu treatment and Footrub and they also provide all the benefits of the stress-relieving backrub in your workplace! Tel: 0207 436 9875 www.walkinbackrub.co.uk

The London Paper

“Just pop into Walk-in Backrub and treat yourself to a wonderful 10, 20 or 30-minute backrub.

And when you’re done, grab some de-stress massage products from this great convenient company.”

You can but great De stress massage products. The London Paper

Men’s Health

Walk in Backrub sell a Great range of massage products. Men’s health Magazine

Great range of massage related products.

“Whether you’re at your desk, on a plane or hotel room, Walk-in backrub has the best massage tools to de-stress.

Our favourite was the Backnobber which is designed to be used on yourself to stimulate acupressure points on your body. It gives an invigorating effect on tired muscles.”

Natural Health Magazine

“Walk in Backrub have some great suggestions for take away massage tools to help ease your aching muscles.

So when you next get mad, don’t explode, take it out on a Walk-in Backrub Stress Ball.”

massage tools to help ease your aching muscles1

Manchester Evening News

Try the Bongers massager tool for neck and back aches. Evening News Manchester

“One of the most satisfying ways to get rid of your own shoulder, neck and backache is to drum it away with a pair of Walk-in backrubs Bongers.”

The Guardian

Walk-In BackRub is a chain of businesses that offer a stress-relieving fully clothed back rub. No appointments are necessary – just walk in off the street. Prices are on a per Minute per chair basis. they also provide office massages in London