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The Walk-In Backrub is a wonderful place to go if you need a quick lift! A quick backrub can do wondrous things and a ten-minute massage can make you tingle all over and feel full of life. No appointment is necessary and you won’t have far to travel as there are six of these massage shops in central London.

As well as the chair back massage there’s a great range of massage related products and also Yoga products. There are geeky gifts at great prices such as the ’24 Wheel Roller Foot Massager ‘, ‘KubiNecko Neck Massager’ and also the ‘Amazing Head Massager’.

Treatments include Full Body Shiatsu treatment and Footrub and they also provide all the benefits of the stress-relieving backrub in your workplace! Tel: 0207 436 9875

Walk-in Backrub offer massage services in London and unlike most massages I’ve had, where I’ve been asked to strip off and lie down, the treatment at this Neal’s Yard trinket involves you sitting in a chair for ten minutes or more, fully clothed, and letting an expert rub away your woes. A far better way to spend your lunch break than ramming your person through the Covent Garden crowds if you work here. And if you’re shopping? Well, ditch that heavy load for a moment… Aaah.

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Walk-In Backrub is a chain of businesses that offer a stress-relieving fully clothed back rub. No appointments are necessary – just walk in off the street. Prices are on a per hour per chair basis. they also visit, they also provide massage for offices where they come to you to massage all your staff.