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A professional self massage tool

The backnobber self massage tool may help relieve discomfort from sore muscles, migraines, headaches, shoulder pain, sports injuries, and neck and back muscles spasms.

The Backnobber

Massage Therapists and physicians who use  Backnobber self massage tools in hospitals and clinics have claimed that they help chronic back pain relief in the upper and lower back neck and shoulders.

Benefits of using the Backnobber self massage tool 

Apart from back pain relief, using this self back nodger  helps relieve tight muscles, aches & pains, in the back, shoulders and neck.

It helps improve relaxation in the muscles and Improves blood circulation in the muscles, which releases toxins from the body, giving you more energy.

Sore muscles and back pain is mostly caused by poor posture and the pressure from the Backnobber can help relieve those pains.

It may only be hand held pressure on a sore point, but the pressure restricts blood flow to the painful area which causes the muscle to release endorphins that suppress pain, relax the muscle and also allow the muscles to stretch without harm.

How To Use the back nodger

You can get great back pain relief by placing one of the two knobs onto the painful area of a sore muscle in your back, neck or shoulder.

You then simply apply pressure to the area and hold it for about 30 seconds. The pressure can easily be applied from the S shape leverage from this wonderful self Massage Tool.

There are specific pressure points all over the body (also known as trigger points) that you can use. But just applying pressure to any area of sore muscle will also give pain relief.

If you are feeling soreness, pain or stiffness anytime on your legs back or body then this is the best time to get the back knobber out and give it a try to help you with your pain or discomfort. Just 5 minutes is recommended for your first time increasing to 10 or 20 minutes should help.

The Backnobber 2 Design

The Backnobber is a solid piece of quality plastic that is S-shaped with rounded knobs at each end and we believe is one of the best self massage tools you’ll find.

It has been carefully designed to be a deep muscle massage therapy device. It is made from fibreglass-reinforced nylon and is known to be the most advanced massage product of its kind, on today”s market.

The original Backnobber can be taken apart into two halves and conveniently stored for travel.

In addition to that, it’s is lightweight, versatile, and durable and comes with a free booklet showing you how to use the Backnobber and where all the pressure points are and some exercises for you to do.

Walk-in Backrub recommend every household to have a Backnobber back massager, so anytime you have a sore back, neck and shoulders and you are in need of some pain relief naturally,

Just try the Backnobber self massage tool first before swallowing a handful of pills.

back pain relief backnobber massager

Backnobber II Self Massage Tool Video Instructions

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