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  • Tiger Tail rolling muscle massager

    Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager


    The Tiger Tail rolling muscle massager, is a foam covered, deep tissue massager which can be used on yourself or someone else.

    The Tiger Tail helps release knots, tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and feet.

    The rolling muscle massager is used by professional massage therapists, sports trainers and chiropractors.

  • Apollos massager for the body

    Apollos Rolling Body Massager


    We’ve sold the award-winning Apollos Body Massager for over 15 years, the cleverly designed wheels fit into contours all over the body, and it can be used through clothes, on the skin, or with oils.

    A very relaxing experience which thousands of walk-in backrub customers have enjoyed.

    Give a wonderful stress relieving Apollo’s massage to a loved one or friend.

  • jacknobber back nobber massage tool

    Jacknobber Professional Massage Tool


    The Jacknobber massage tool is a quality acupressure tool designed by therapists.

    This professional massage tool can be used to apply deep pressure to the body to relieve pain and relieve tension from the neck, back and shoulders.

    You can also just rub any tense areas of the body with circular movements and the Jacknobber soothes away aches and pains.

  • Wooden Back stretcher for back pain

    Wooden Back Stretcher FlexiBak



    Would you swap your back pain for Just 4 minutes a day for a week?

    *   This Wooden Back Stretcher is developed by Osteopathic doctors
    *   Relieves back pain & back injuries
    *   Advertised on national TV
    *   Helps provide relief to numerous lower back problems.
    *   Stretches all your back muscles.
    *   Wooden Back Stretcher may help reduce pressure on the Spine.


  • Spikey Massage Roller Ball

    Spiky Massage Roller Ball


    You can use the Sissel massage spiky massage roller ball on you back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet.


    Benefits of the spiky massage roller

    • Massage the big muscles either side of the spine
    • Relieves stress & tension, sore and painful muscles
    • Improves poor blood circulation and blood stagnation.
    • Feels wonderful to receive
    • Can also be used as a relaxing foot massage roller, although it may feel ticklish to some people.
    • The Spiky Massage Roller is easy to use


  • Backnobber 2 Self back massager

    Backnobber 2 Self Massage Tool


    The Original Backnobber II back massager is an excellent self care back massage tool that works as a deep-muscle back massager.

  • Hand Held Massager With Heat & Vibration

    Hand Held Massager With Heat


    The Medisana Hand held massager with heat offers comfort and relief from aches and pains by using kneeding massage and infra-red heat.

    The infra-red heat and massage combined can help relax your muscles, increases circulation, calm muscle spasms and helps relieve muscle tension and pain in the body.

    You can also use the Medisana heat massager has a leg massager, foot massager and a deep tissue massager. Watch the video review below by Dr Christian Jessen.

  • Bongers percussion massage tool



    Bongers are hand held percussion massage tools that give an energising and awakening percussive massage.

    Bongers can be used all over the body by yourself or by someone else; they are particularly effective for the upper back & shoulder area.

  • Omni Massage roller

    Omni Massage Ball


    * The Omni massage ball provides a stimulating- deep tissue massage.
    * Use it effectively to relieve back and neck pain
    * The Omni is one of the best massage balls on the market today.
    * Is an excellent small hand held massage tool to keep in your bag.
    * You can use the massage ball at the office to relieve stress and stiffness associated with long hours at the computer.