Special Intensive One-day Meridian Massage Course

With Dr. Bisong Guo in Central London

display_1.187939bisong-guo--smallThis is a rare opportunity to spend a day learning powerful meridian massage with a genuine master.

Bisong Guo is an extraordinary healer who has devoted her life to the study and practice of Qi. She has undertaken an intensive study of Qigong with Daoist monks and Buddhist Qigong masters.

She is a living proof of what she teaches – such that just by being in her presence you will be touched by the sense of peace and lightness that she emanates.

She is also trained in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine and is the Author of “Listen to your Body: The Wisdom of the Dao.

This special one-day meridian massage course is really designed for qualified massage practitioners and healers, so there will not be any kind of certification. The course is an advancement of education mostly for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

All other massage therapists are welcome to attend but are requested to have a basic understanding of Chinese medicine and the 12 main meridians.

Bisong will teach you a comprehensive understanding of the meridian system and how to sense it and how it can be approached in order to heal.

You will learn a Meridian massage technique using massage and acupressure along the meridian system for the purpose of creating balance and harmony within the person”s meridian system.

Meridian massage is very powerful and individualised because it follows the Qi and condition of each patient.  It is not a standardized systematic massage in a sense as it involves the sense of the person’s Qi within the meridians (and elsewhere).

This style of massage is useful in any number of ailments (in Chinese Medicine referred to as disharmony) and so by using a technique of restoring harmony within the meridian system this will aid the person in recovering from their ailments

Meridian massage is appropriate for a wide range of problems and has a powerful effect on the immune system by awakening the body”s innate power of recovery, restoring self-confidence to the patient.

What will I learn?

  • Knowledge of the meridian system (location and pathways/direction)
  • Fundamentals of Medical Qigong –  Learn Qigong principles in massage, meridians and healing using Chinese Medicine
  • A fundamental understanding of Qi cultivation and energy work to be able to understand how the effect will incur throughout the meridian massage treatment.
  • The massage technique – a view of how it is done followed by instructions.
  • How to sense the situation of a person”s Qi and then how to treat it, has its different for each person.
  • Review of technique – review of each student”s practice of the technique.
  • Implementation –when and how to use this technique to heal a patient.

It will be a very practical class with more technique and less theory and it”s a great opportunity to experience, train and meet with the lady herself.

Places are offered on a first come first serve basis and can only be booked in advance & online.

Please note there will be no admittance on the door on the day.

Nearest Tubes: Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road