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A one day Japanese On-Site Chair Massage Course

During the on-site chair massage course, we’ll teach you everything we’ve learned
from over 20 years of experience from running our Walk-in Backrub shop and
our corporate on-site office massage service.

On-Site Chair Massage Course

The Walk-in Backrub’s one-day on-site chair massage course is for massage therapists who want to learn a powerful and successful chair massage routine and techniques to attract clients in their own massage practice.

The On site chair massage training is also essential for qualified massage therapists, that are interested in working with us in any of our backrub shops or being on our corporate client’s massage list.

Our on-site chair massage routine has been proven successful for over 20 years in all of our shops and within our corporate massage and office massage service.

On-Site chair massage courses in London UK
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What kind of chair massage will you teach me?

Our style of on-site chair massage comes from all our experience since 1995 of offering a massage in offices and in our shops. Our method is based on Japanese Shiatsu, but it also fuses the
best of Western Massage & “Tuina” massage techniques.

Our chair massage techniques are simple, yet it’s a very powerful form of seated massage therapy,
that has been tried and tested and has proved successful in all our branches since 1995.

The on-site chair massage course is for massage therapists:

Office On-site chair massage company
  1. That are interested in learning our tried and tested on-site chair massage routine.
  2. That want to learn powerful Japanese and Chinese chair massage techniques.
  3. That would like to attract more clients in their own massage practice.
  4. That are interested in working with us in any of our 5 London chair massage shops.
  5. That want to be added to our corporate massages list for office massage work.
  6. That wants to learn acupressure seated massage through clothing, without using massage oils.
you you will love the Walk-in Backrub

Reviews about the on-site chair massage course.

See what other massage therapists who have attended Walk-in Backrub’s
1 day Shiatsu chair massage Course are saying about it.

you you will love the Walk-in Backrub
On-Site Chair Massage Job Opportunities

If you are interested in working in any of the backrub branches or massaging
employees at their offices after you have completed the on-site chair massage course, then click on
the button below for more details.

London Shiatsu chair massage course

When is the next on-site chair massage course?

We run the on-site chair massage course about 4 days per year. To find out when the next course
is or to book, just click on the button below. We only have a maximum of ten people.

Jason Norman was a very inspiring, motivating, attentive and thorough massage tutor.

It is also great that we are able to work at the walk-in backrub shops but even if I don’t, I’ve leaned lots of great new seated massage skills that I can take away and use on my own clients.

I did not expect much from it, since it was in just one day but it exceeded my expectations.

I learnt about the meridians, some of the best acupressure points
to help people relax and the importance of being mindful
in order to give a good massage

Office Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered below, please call us: 020 7436 9875.

The 1-day chair massage course is

10:00am to 5:00pm

Where is it?
11 Charlotte Place
Charlotte Place is a little walkway off Goodge Street
See chair massage course dates and cost

It is important that you wear a cotton t-shirt or top as this is the best material for receiving a massage.

Synthetic materials can irritate your skin when rubbed against it.

You need loose comfortable clothes, soft shoes, clean hands, short nails and some lunch if you don’t want to go out during the lunch break.

The on-site chair massage course is really designed to be hands on with lots of giving and receiving massages, but some people may like to bring along a pad for notes.

Walk-in Backrub was established in 1995.

Over the years, we’ve successfully offered thousands of our customer’s backrubs in all our shops and given thousands of massages, to employees at work.

And we have over 20 years’ experience in running massage courses and teaching people how to massage on a chair through clothing successfully.

If you come and work with Walk-in Backrub the practitioner earnings equates to around £26per hour of hands-on massage,

Backrub Earnings are approximately £70 – £130 per day.

Click here to find out more about working with us

On-Site Office Visits & Corporate Massage:

If you only want to do the course and go onto the books for on-site, this is fine.

On-site practitioners earn around £25per hour. This still requires an assessment.

We have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 places for the training to ensure you get the best tuition. We work in pairs so there will be 3, 4 or 5 massage chairs.

Simply click on the link below to check dates, book and to confirm your place

One day on-site massage course.

* Learn in just one day and save money!!
* No need to complete 30-50 case histories.
* Receive personal attention from the teacher.
* You will be giving lots of effective back massages.
* And receiving and experiencing lots of invigorating and relaxing back massages.
* You’ll leave feeling confident and ready to give an effective chair massage treatment.
* Learn how to massage in a relaxed way without any tension or holding in your own body.
* You’ll have the opportunity to work in any of our 5 walk-in massage shops
* Learn a few powerful Acupressure points for deep relaxation.
* We’ll share with you some very effective Shiatsu techniques for healing for your client and yourself.
* We will pass on all the experience that we have in chair massage since the company started in 1995.
* We have a maximum of 10 people, using just 5 chairs, keeping it small and ensuring individual attention.

Also after you have completed the chair massage training day, you’ll have the option if you choose, to get a one-hour private session with the teacher to really master what you learnt on the day for just £40 (Usually £90) This is a great opportunity to get complete attention to perfect and fine-tune any areas that the teacher feels would improve your massage. (This offer is only valid for 3 months from the date of the course.)

No, it’s not compulsory, unless you are looking to come and work in one of our shops or want to do be offered work visiting companies to offer massages.

Even if you are not interested in working with us, the assessment is an excellent opportunity to get some one to one tuition and feedback from an experienced chair massage tutor.

Our walk-in backrub shops are located

Neal”s Yard (Covent Garden)

Charlotte Place (Goodge Street)

Kingly Court (Carnaby Street)

Selfridges (Oxford Street)

Tavistock Street (Strand)

Different shops have different hours but generally around 7 hours a day, starting 11.30am

Although we do have some half day shifts to cover lunch times which are 10:30am to 3:00pm

No there isn’t any guarantee that you will be offered work.
We try to select people who can give a good Backrub and have good customer service skills.

However, we do try to give people the benefit of the doubt and sometimes offer people work if we feel they may be able to improve with practice.

Saying that we are very confident that we can get you to a standard where you able to offer great chair massages.

After the onsite chair massage course, you’ll also have the option to have a private one to one session with the tutor to fine tune what you learnt on the course.

We can offer you work straight away after completing your assessment.

initially, new chair massage therapists will cover shifts for established practitioners first, and then we can see how you get on working with other therapists and how reliable you are

Then we will provide you with one or two regular days when they become available.

We tend to train around eight people, and then once these people have regular days, we do another chair massage course.

You can cancel your booking at any time, and we will refund you the full amount minus a £20 admin fee.

However, cancellations within seven days of the course date are non-refundable because we have to book and pay the chair massage tutor. We also have to close one of the Walk-in Backrub shops for the day to the public to run the onsite massage course.

To cancel or reschedule a course booking, you must email us within 7 days of the course start date.

No refunds will be issued within 7 days of the course, in the event of failing to attend.


We only have a maximum of 10 places for the
training to ensure you get the best tuition
and payment confirms & guarantee’s your place

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