1 Day On-Site Massage Course

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Our popular One day seated on-site massage course is for therapists, who want to learn powerful Japanese chair massage techniques and routine to attract more clients in their own practice, or for people who are interested in working with us any of our shops or visiting offices for our corporate office massage clients.


We will only have a maximum of 10 people on the chair massage course to ensure we will give you the best tuition. Payment confirms & guarantees your place.


You can visit our seated massage training page if you need more information about this course or to watch some of our On-site Massage Course video reviews.

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The 1 Day Chair Massage Course starts at 11:00am – 6:00pm

The address for the course is
11 Charlotte Place

28 reviews for 1 Day On-Site Massage Course

  1. Carole – London

    Thank you for the 1 day chair massage course. I enjoyed attending, especially as the presentation was fun and inspiring. It is a pleasure for me to offer this therapy to people and the feedback is always positive, so the content has become a valuable addition to my current chair massage and other massage qualifications. I was already a fan of this type of massage and am delighted to have more ways to deliver its benefits to my clients. Thanks again

  2. Johanna

    The onsite massage course with Jason Norman was very good. It was informative, clear and easy to follow. He made everyone feel at ease and made it fun. Everyone there for the course was really nice and we worked well together and gave each other good feedback and encouragement. Jason was very patient and made sure everyone understood and mastered a technique before moving on to the next.
    Posture and the use of bodyweight were a big part of the course. So you`re not only learning new ways to treat people, but at the same time you`re learning to take care of yourself.
    I certainly recommend for massage therapists wanting to learn chair massage to do this training.
    Thanks again for a great day.

  3. Hania

    I attended the one day Walk In Back Rub massage course. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming from the start, the course was very thorough, and the tutor, Jason Norman, was excellent. There was a great deal of information, all very clearly explained, and demonstrated.

    There were plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques on each other, to ask questions, and Jason gave everyone individual attention, adjusting posture, technique, and giving constructive feedback throughout.

    I liked the caring approach to the client, making every moment of the experience count, as well as the emphasis on the therapist`s wellbeing through correct posture and techniques.

    It was definitely the best massage course I have attended, thoroughly enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn chair massage.

  4. G. Lopez

    The one day chair massage workshop was excellent!!.. We learnt a fantastic massage routine which was very well explained by Jason, he made it a really enjoyable experience. It was a small group so we were easily supervised and also enough time to practice and to discuss our doubts. The whole day went by really quickly and IT gave me lots of confidence to give a really good quality back massage.. I highly recommend it to anyone! Thanks Jason.

  5. Rachel Wycherley

    Inspiring, fun and informative, the one day training was a fabulous experience! Jason was an excellent teacher, combining real passion for the therapy with warmth and humour. Not only did I learn new techniques but he showed us a different approach, both physically and emotionally, to my work which will transform my treatments. Looking forward to the next course! Thank you Jason.

  6. Sophie Jamieson

    The one day walk in back rub course was excellent!

    Jason and Neil had great teaching methods – fast paced – informative – entertaining – the whole day flew by – we were pretty much hands on for the duration, and we all quickly got to grips with the routine.

    Effective, professional and well worth the cost! Thank you guys.

  7. Gabriella Molnar

    The one day on site massage course with walk in back rub was brilliant!
    The teachers were clear and professional!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this massage course to others.
    Thank you for a great day and your helpful advice. (i know “NO SLIDING”)

  8. Jacky Sayers

    A Truly fantastic course which covered so much ground in one day without exhausting you, instead inspiring a strong sense of enthusiasm and achievement. I’ve previously attended another one day seated massage course which was more expensive and by far less satisfying or useful to me than this course has been.

    Jason, the tutor, was born to teach and passes on his knowledge and experience easily allowing you to pick up all the information you could need with humour, good grace and endless patience.

    One of the best and most enjoyable courses I’ve ever experienced and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others – in fact, I’ll be actively suggesting it to anyone interested in training or working in on-site massage as I don’t believe there could be a better course around.

    Looking forward to doing more practice to learn the routine before booking in my post course assessment and working for Walk-In Backrub definitely seems to be an appealing prospect for the future based on what I saw and learned on the training day itself. I highly recommend this massage course, worth every penny.

  9. Rekha

    Dear Jason

    Thanks again for the brilliant chair massage course on Sunday. I learned so much!

    Your delivery was very calm, generous masterful. I`ve been at home for six months with a nocturnal baby so I had some trepidation about spending a whole day using my brain but the time flew past joyfully and I could have happily spent days learning and practising your style of massage.

    I feel like it will take me some time to absorb all the learning and you`ve given me language for things I instinctively felt but could not articulate very well.

    I put into practice some of the lovely techniques you showed us on my partner – surprising to me he found it very effective.

    I will be booking in for an assessment when I have more fluency in the routine as I think the experience of working at `walk-in` could be very valuable to me.

    So big thanks again for giving learning and guidance in such a nourishing environment and hope to see you soon 🙂

  10. Clare Lewis

    The one-day course is a fantastic, comprehensive introduction to the techniques used at the walk in back rub centres and provided me with a firm foundation to go away and develop my practice, with a view to working in one of the shops in the future.

    Jason Norman was a inspiring, motivating and thorough tutor and managed to include a lot of practical, as well as, thought provoking information and guidance during the day.

    I`m really looking forward to practising the sequence and techniques I learned to hopefully become as proficient and effective as Jason showed us you can be – and with any luck, provide some top class back rubs myself some time in the future!

  11. Krassi Whittaker

    I really enjoyed the 1 day onsite massage course and got a lot out of it. I have to admit I did not expect much from it, since it was in just one day and expected to learn just a simple massage routine but it exceeded my expectations.
    I learnt about the meridians, some of the best acupressure points to help people relax and the importance of being mindful in order to give a good massage. Jason the tutor has a great sense of humour, which ensured training on a sunny Sunday was not something I regretted. highly recommended. Thank you.

  12. Shinobu

    I had a fantastic day at the 1 day massage course. The trainer Jason Norman was wonderful. He was attentive and very clear, and really helpful and has good sense of humour.

    We had a lot to learn to complete the 10-minute massage. Amazing what goes into 10 minutes!

    It is also great that we are able to work at the walk-in backrub shops but even if I don`t, I leaned lots of new massage skills i can take away and try on my clients.

  13. Mitra Cheradi

    The effectiveness of the massage on the day was excellent, I had looked at other on site massage courses but was very pleased to have chosen the walk in back rub on site massage training. The training was informal but very informative and hands on all day. The handouts and DVD they gave us,was also a great tool to refer back to.

  14. Carl Keir Mead

    The chair massage training was excellent value for money in my opinion. The trainer, Jason Norman, is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. I learnt a lot of really invaluable acupressure techniques. An intensive but enjoyable day.

  15. Stevie de Wit

    I thought the on site course was excellent. Really informative and the instructor made it so easy for us to understand all the moves and ways to look after your back by using your whole body weight in the massage. He also went through interesting facts on Shiatsu too. I had done an on-site massage course before, but this was definitely better and more professional. Thank you Walk In Back Rub!

  16. Tanith

    This is more than a chair massage routine, the training day was held in a small class where technique was taught and intention was emphasized.
    We learnt a routine with plenty of practice to give and receive massages. I definitely felt that it was a major confidence booster since I hadn`t worked with a chair before.

    I was impressed that I walked away with a better philosophy towards my massage work and our instructors passion for giving the client a remarkable massage experience.

  17. Jo Tugwell

    An enjoyable day. Very thorough and informative. This has been one of the best training courses I have attended and I came away feeling I had learnt a great deal. Most interesting, great way to spend my Sunday. The chair massage training day well worth every penny.
    Thanks again. Jo

  18. Tracy Hunt

    An excellent day, surprising that it took 6 hours + to learn a 10 minute massage routine – shows how thorough the tuition is. Very relaxed atmosphere and made to feel really welcome. I can`t wait to get a chair and get started. Looking forward to more advanced massage at a future date. Thanks!

  19. Kumiko

    The one day chair massage training was brilliant!!

    Although we had a lot to learn, the atmosphere that they provided
    for us was so friendly and relaxing that made it easy
    to learn and practise.

    I`m so happy to have attended I had a really worthwhile training
    and it was great to meet other people who helped me to keep up my motivation!!

  20. Suzy Di Virgilio

    From the word go Jason created a relaxed and informal massage training day. He is a great communicator and delivered information and instruction effectively. The learning was intensive and fast paced, but the session provided hands on experience through out. The hand outs and DVD have been extremely helpful and it`s good to know you can receive a one to one assessment when ready.

  21. Jo Mossey

    Fantastic chair massage training day! Informative, professional, confidence building and Jason Norman the tutor clearly portrays a passion about massage. If only all training was this high quality and cost effective.

    Inspirational! Highly recommend it!!

  22. Katy Sharpe

    I really enjoyed the On Site Massage training day with Walk-in Backrub. It was very informative and the one-to-one assessment was very helpful in developing my chair massage techniques. Straight after the assessment I was asked to work in the shop that same day!..

  23. Caroline

    A perfect training day if, like me, you want a fast-track learning experience. It`s a long day with continuous massage demonstration, practise and supervision (make sure you are well rested as the learning and receiving of so much massage is quite intensive). The training style is informal, hands-on and relaxed. I`ve received chair massage before but the Walk-In Backrub`s is the best I`ve experienced – really vigorous, relaxing yet energising – just what you NEED. Thank you for a great day and your helpful advice.

  24. John Brodie (MRSS)

    I have done a fair amount of work using an on site massage chair but without any actual massage training in using one, just adapting my own shiatsu. I found this massage course very useful both in terms of learning some very clever techniques to enhance my treatments and in terms of specific things to avoid so as not to detract from the client`s experience. I had never had a treatment at this clinic (Walk-in Backrub) and I was impressed at how well structured the basic 10 minute massage sequence is, with as much attention given to stillness and calm as to activity, despite the time constraints of a ten-minute massage treatment. The course itself was also very well structured. Our teacher, Jason Norman, was very clear in his explanations and very supportive of everyone. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to do on-site massage in a chair. Excellent!

  25. Katherine O’Mahoney

    This is a fabulous On-Site Massage Training course!. The class consisted of ten people, a number which, as Goldilocks might say, was just right. The teacher and Tom Cruise look-a-like… or was that just me was exceedingly welcoming and friendly, explaining the routine methodically and clearly.
    In truth, there was a lot more to learning the 10-minute back rub than I had envisaged, (really, how difficult can it be I thought…). But the course was very well structured and very well taught, and by the end I felt confident with my ability to perform the whole routine. Great course, great teacher, great value. Two thumbs up!

  26. Ruben Dogliani

    The one day chair massage course for Therapists was fun and very interesting.

    Jason, the tutor, has a great personality and passed his knowledge with enthusiasm and tact.We have been monitored throughout the whole day to ensure that we all followed the steps and have no doubts about what was being explained.I would do it all over again if I had to, it was great experience.

  27. Rosana Ioris-Dear

    The Walk-in Backrub Training Day was excellent! Good value for money. It was a whole day hands on work, learning simple and very effective seated massage techniques where we were able to clear doubts and receive feedback from our trainer. It gave me tools to start working straight away.

  28. Fiona Hickling

    I really enjoyed the chair massage course. The group was small and the whole day hands-on. The follow up one-on-one session with our trainer was invaluable and gave me the opportunity to have my techniques assessed and fine-tuned and also to ask any questions that i had from my practice sessions.

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