Hand Held Massager With Heat

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The Medisana Hand held massager with heat offers comfort and relief from aches and pains by using kneeding massage and infra-red heat.

The infra-red heat and massage combined can help relax your muscles, increases circulation, calm muscle spasms and helps relieve muscle tension and pain in the body.

You can also use the Medisana heat massager has a leg massager, foot massager and a deep tissue massager. Watch the video review below by Dr Christian Jessen.

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The heat and massage combined can relax muscles and increases circulation, helping relieve muscle tension and pain in the body.

The Medisana hand held massager can help to calm muscle spasms and allows for a deep experience of relaxation.It’s easy to use and works through clothing, it is also suitable for both home and professional usage and comes with a three year Medisana warranty.

3 reviews for Hand Held Massager With Heat

  1. Anita Woods

    I’ve had my medisana heated massager now for 2 weeks and am really enjoying it. It arrived very quickly, only a day after ordering, and I have been reaping the benefits since. The heat option combined with the tapping action gives a lovely massage and seems to get well into the muscle knots. As a circus performer I often have really knotted tight shoulder muscles and the massager gets into the knots and starts to soften them right away. I also love the fact it is so easy to use on myself if I can’t persuade someone else to do it for me! Over all a great product.

  2. John Bradshaw

    Have used and owned a Massager with heat from a different Company for many years it had problems so was time for a new one. My Golfing does at times cause shoulder and Knee pains to say nothing of other areas that have a few aches ,mainly caused by being an active person who does not always show common sense. My new Massager is from a different world it has many settings but not confusing with the heat option being an added bonus. Have now used it several times it does such a good job I am almost looking forward to the next time. A no fuss purchase in fact highly recommended all-round.

  3. Jane Sutton

    My husband was looking for a handheld massager as he has had a bad knee. I unfortunately got the job of massaging his knee for him!

    This massager has now made my life massage free! I was very impressed with the range of massage products on your website. I found what I was looking for straight away and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

    The service was second to none. My massager was delivered within 2 days of purchase with no fuss.

    Thank you and look forward to buying from you in the future.

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