Full Body Shiatsu Massage – 1 Hour

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Treat yourself, a friend or loved one to a one hour full body Shiatsu Massage.

Shiatsu is an incredibly deep relaxing Japanese massage that works with acupressure points, meridians and physical manipulation of muscles and joints.

No massage oil is applied, and you remain fully clothed during the shiatsu. Please bring comfortable clothing to wear.

A Shiastu makes a wonderful gift..

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“Japanese Shiatsu”

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Shiatsu practitioners use kneading, pressing with their hands, palms and thumbs, rotations of joints and gentle stretches to the body to help it back into balance.

After a treatment, you may feel invigorated and energised or be deeply relaxed and be feeling very peaceful depending on what the practitioner feels your body needs and wishes.
Shiatsu May also help with stress, tension, muscle pains, headaches, back pain, sciatica, blood circulation, digestion, musculoskeletal and joint pain.

Shiatsu can promote relaxation, restful sleep enhances wellbeing and helps the body’s own healing system.

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended to wear during the shiatsu session.

Shiatsu’s are available at our Neals Yard and Charlotte Place shops only.

You are welcome to walk-in with your Shiatsu Gift Voucher without an appointment
like you can for the chair massage, but it’s better to call the branch where you want the massage so you can book in advance.

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3 reviews for Full Body Shiatsu Massage – 1 Hour

  1. Emily Fletcher

    I go into a deep sense of peace when I have shiatsu from Kishaw at Charlotte Place, I always leave feeling very relaxed, clear and refreshed. I have felt great improvements in my sessions with her. Thank you.

  2. Catherine

    My friend bought me a walkin backrub Shiatsu voucher because I was quite stressed, in pain and wasn’t sleeping well. I had no idea what a shiatsu was so i turned up not knowing what to expect.

    OMG… i love shistu, after my massage, I felt so calm and relaxed. I found that my shoulder pain had eased completely and i slept all night for the first time in ages. I’m very greatful that my friend gave me this wonderful gift and introduced me to shiastu. x

  3. Alex Lucille

    I have tried many other types of massages, but Shiatsu enables me to reach a deep level of relaxation and peace that none others can match. I highly recommend.

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