Corporate Office Massage bookings

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You can book an office massage therapist between 1 & 4 hours, or go for the best deal & book a therapist to come & massage you in the office for the whole day.

If your office is outside of the M25 please let us know as there may be an additional travel cost, (especially if your offices are in the Bahamas!)

Please call our head office on 0207 436 9875 if you need any more info or to book, just choose how long you would like, allowing 24 hours for us to book your office massage therapist.

All prices include Vat & travel expenses.

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Please contact us first if you want do have regular Corporate Massage bookings as we can work out a better package for you.

or visit our office massage page for more details

1 review for Corporate Office Massage bookings

  1. Mary Armstrong

    What a wonderful service for our employees. They are always excited on massage days, and they always feel so much brighter and energised after! Great moral boost and treat all round. Many thanks walkinbackrub.

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