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Bongers are hand held percussion massage tools that give an energising and awakening percussive massage.

Bongers can be used all over the body by yourself or by someone else; they are particularly effective for the upper back & shoulder area.

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These hand-held massage tools will release stress and tension all over the back, legs, arms and feet, using Bongers for just a few minutes will help you feel alive, energised and relaxed.

The Bongers shafts do all the work for you, allowing you or the person massaging to bong indefinitely without getting tired, so they’re great for your blood circulation and health.

These excellent massage tools are perfect for everyone who loves a great massage! Learning to use them only takes a few seconds and even children can become experts in minutes!

Just make sure you use these massage tools on your muscles and not on bone.

Bongers are the fun way to massage and most importantly relieve stress & muscle tension, whilst having fun!

If used for a few minutes a day they may help strengthen your immune system, make you feel more energised and happier and make you get to sleep much easier.

You may also notice your skins feel healthier and softer as the bongers can remove stagnated blood.


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15 reviews for Bongers

  1. Ivor Williams

    I received my bongers just 2 days ago and they already have had plenty of use on my upper back and shoulders in particular where I get quite a bit of aching after a full day giving holistic treatments. They certainly help to relieve the aching and I am looking forward to the benefits I will get using them on clients also. Very good service also, the bongers were delivered to Cardiff the next morning after I ordered.

    Cardiff Holistic Therapist

  2. Gillian Webster

    I love them!
    The bongers were recommended to me on a recent massage course and WOW! they are great. Not only will they be great to take the pressure of my hands at work but after a hard day, they help to loosen my tight muscles.
    Even my mad cat likes to get “bonged” (very gently, though) and goes mad when I show him the bongers. If you work in a physical job they are a must have. 100% brilliant!

  3. Avril Stephens

    These were recommended to me by my therapist as I have congested and sore muscles in parts I cannot reach. Bongers are exactly right for the job, thank you.

  4. Julia Stickells

    I have chronic stiffness in my shoulders and neck and have seen osteopaths, physios etc. I recently saw a massage at work specialist who suggested that I try the Bongers. My husband has used them on me and they have really helped relax my shoulder muscles. The great thing about them is that I can use them on myself and it has now become bedtime ritual after a long day sat at the computer etc.

  5. Kay Batstone

    Fast, prompt service. Bongers arrived in perfect condition.
    Would have had 5 stars, but slightly disappointed that we were charged £4.70 for postage.

  6. Zoe Morris

    Highly recommend these bongers, instant pain relief without taking pain killers, i suffer from pains in my neck and shoulders from working with children, using bongers for 10 minutes a day has worked wonders. A+

  7. Sally Hughes

    Bongers are a great way of stimulating the circulation and easing tight sore and painful muscles. They are really light and easy to use with different amounts of pressure, whether using on yourself or on another person. Great value for money!

  8. Lynda Skraba

    Excellent service! Ordered item in afternoon arrived 7.30am next day!! The Bongers are brilliant – I use them for On Site Massage, bongers save my hands and wrists when working all day. Fantastic for home use as well.

  9. Gwen Sallows

    Brilliant. I love them!

    Bongers save my hands and wrists, whilst giving my clients full benefits of a stimulating massage.

    Fun to use, and therapeutic for the practitioner! Backed up with superb service and delivery time.

    At the end of a long day, I treat myself to a session.They are very easy to use on yourself.

  10. Lynne Mallen

    I could not believe the quality of the service from Walk-in Backrub. I had been advised by my Physiotherapist, to buy a pair of Bongers, to work on my shoulders. Despite the website, showing this item to be out of stock, I telephoned to leave a message of enquiry on Friday afternoon. A couple of hours later, I had a callback, to say that, a pair had been found for me, despite there not being any in stock, so I paid by credit card there and then. The Bongers arrived first thing the following morning. Very impressive service. Thank you.

  11. Roy Jones

    I have found my bongers to really help when I get tension in my neck and shoulders at work. Being able to apply varying degrees of force to different areas makes them ideal for people of all sizes. They were very popular with everyone I train with after a tough session of British Military Fitness and I keep them in my rucksack with me just in case.

  12. Alexis Millar

    The Bongers preserves my wrists and adds another dimension to my therapeutic massage treatments.

    I am really pleased with the well-made product.As in other reviews, it can effectively replace cupping and percussion.

    A Millar – London Massage Therapist

  13. Helen Rai

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and have a lot of muscle pain in back and legs. the Bongers are excellent at relieving pain and I can now reach areas myself without relying on others.

    My arms get very painful and difficult to lift but I still manage to use Bongers as they are light.

  14. Ann Ralph

    What a fantastic product. I have started to use my bongers on a lot of my clients replacing hacking, cupping, etc and my hands are certainly feeling the benefit. I would recommend bongers to any massage therapist
    Ann Ralph
    Holistic therapist

  15. Barbara Macgregor

    My bongers are a lifesaver! I use the bongers to relieve painful muscles in my upper and lower back.

    I even take it on holiday with me (in the suitcase so I don`t have to explain what it is to sceptical airport staff!) Can`t recommend bongers highly enough.

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