Book 10 All-day Massage sessions for the price of 9. 

When you book 9 all-day office massage sessions with us, you’ll get the 10th all-day session completely free.

Once purchased will contact you to book your first office massage day 


Some common questions we get asked!


Q. How do we manage and book our staff’s massage appointments?

We can provide you with a free time-slot sheet to book the massages to help organise the day, so it flows smoothly.

Or we offer an automated online booking system where your staff can book, cancel, and amend their backrub appointments, so there’s no need to worry about the bookings on your end and we’ll send you the completed list.  If you’re interested in our automated bookings, please get back in touch, in the meantime feel free to try our demo version here There’s an additional £30 set-up fee for the fully managed online booking system.


Q. How does a day of massages work?

One (or more) Walk-in Backrub practitioners will visit your office for the day from 10:00 – 17:00 (Or a start time that suits you),
They will bring a relaxing backrub chair, some funky chilled music (if you wish) and their magic hands. To help everyone relax, let go and get back on with their work feeling appreciated, happy, creative and not forgetting more productive. And we need an hour break (not invoiced) to keep the quality of massages to a high standard.


Q. What kind of massage is it?

Our style of massage comes from all our experience over the last 28 years of giving seated massages. It fuses the best of Western Massage with Japanese and Chinese Massage techniques (we also use some main acupressure points to help relax the body and calm the mind) The massages are performed on a high-quality ergonomic massage chair that in itself gives the body a rest from long periods sitting at a desk, It takes place through clothing, so quick change over times and with no messy oils.


Q. Can our staff get any discounts in your shops?

Yes, If you’re thinking of booking regularly with us, (at least once per month) we can offer all your staff 20% OFF  all massages at our Central London Walk-in Backrub shops anytime. (Our shops are open seven days a week)


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