Backnobber 2 Self Massage Tool

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The Original Backnobber II back massager is an excellent self care back massage tool that works as a deep-muscle back massager.

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The Original Backnobber II back massager is an excellent self-care massage tool that works as a deep-muscle back massager. The Back nobber works to release tension in areas other body massagers cannot reach.

The Backnobber is great for people to relieve muscular pain and tension on their own. This deep massage tool’s natural shape and dimension allow the user to apply as much pain-releasing pressure for as long as required to achieve its remarkable effects.

This great back massage tool can be taken apart for convenient storage or travel and comes with a free 35 page, a fully illustrated instruction booklet on how to use.

You can use the Backnobber to release tension in the muscles on the Back, neck and shoulders and it will help relieve a sore back and simple headaches.

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5 reviews for Backnobber 2 Self Massage Tool

  1. Suzanne Clark

    What an excellent tool. After only using for a few days it has got rid of all my knots and pain and saved a trip to the chiropractor. My husband has also been using it and I would highly recommend a backnobber to anyone who suffers with pack pain.

  2. AAG – London

    Having used the backnobber for only 3 days I am extremely thrilled with it as I can focus on exactly the right spot as and when required. very fast delivery.. thanks

  3. Sarah Collins

    After only a couple of uses my painful knots are starting to loosen up. I`d recommend the backnobber to anyone suffering from muscle tension as an excellent self-help tool. Is easily dismantled for storage. In my case by the piano where it`s needed after several hours of practice!

  4. David Hughes

    The backnobber really helps me when I get tension in my back and shoulders at work. Being able to apply pressure to different areas on my back makes it a great tool for people of all sizes. the backnobber is very popular with everyone at work and I keep it under my desk.

  5. Kate Wilkinson

    this back massager is an excellent device. My backnobber got right to the spot and helped my back pain. now i get it out everytime i have a sore back,combined with the free trigger point therapy workbook that came with it. – invaluable.

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