Apollos Rolling Body Massager

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We’ve sold the award-winning Apollos Body Massager for over 15 years, the cleverly designed wheels fit into contours all over the body, and it can be used through clothes, on the skin, or with oils.

A very relaxing experience which thousands of walk-in backrub customers have enjoyed.

Give a wonderful stress relieving Apollo’s massage to a loved one or friend.

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Give wonderful stress-relieving Apollo’s massage to a loved one or friend.

This Rolling Body Massage Tool is easy to use.
Grip the Apollos handle lightly
Roll the Apollos all over your body
Adjust pressure to suit your personal taste.

4 reviews for Apollos Rolling Body Massager

  1. Raymond Smith

    If you`ve ever had a toy car `driven` over your arms or back, you`ll have a pretty good idea how using the Apollos Body Massager feels. Except that, unlike the four rubber wheels on a rigid body that most toy cars have, the Apollos has sixteen plastic wheels, each smoothly geared, with each articulated to follow the contours of your body.

    The Apollos is best used either on smooth, thin clothing, or directly on the skin, as thick clothing can bunch up and prevent the action of the wheels – a bonus is that, because of the free-wheeling action, no lubricants are necessary on the skin. Light-to-medium pressure works best with the Apollos, and the experience can be either sensual and relaxing (if used slowly), or invigorating and refreshing (if used briskly).

    Apart from the usual difficulty of accessing one`s own back, the Apollos is fairly effective when used on oneself, giving relief to tired arms, shoulders, legs and feet with little effort.

    Cons: Not for deep massage or point work takes a little practice to use.

    Pros: No oil needed works over (light) clothing feels great can be relaxing or invigorating stimulates blood-flow to the skin feels great works on scalp (short hair) reduces strain on hands/wrists/thumbs of giver sturdy construction easy to clean inexpensive oh and, did I mention, it feels great!

    I recommend everyone give this excellent device a try.

  2. S Miller

    The apollos massager is brilliant. It is the tool I use the most as it is so effective. It is a very useful tool for work with children as it captures their imagination. Adults really like it as well and I find it takes some of the `thumb effort` out of massage, making it easier.

  3. LE FLOC’H

    I knew about apollos before buying it for myself! What a pleasure to being massaged by someone with it!! It`s very easy to use and efficient. A great time of relaxation! I`ll offer it to my friends next time. It`s such an amazing gift, and we cant` find it easily in France.

  4. Peter Netri

    I knew Apollos Massager before, we actually have one at home. So I exactly knew what am I going to buy and how great you feel after somebody massage you with it. This one is a gift for a friend. I was trying to find it in stores in Slovakia but I couldn`t find one. Then I came across Walk-In Backrub website and they had a great price. The shipping from the UK was also cheap. It only took 3 business days to be delivered. I`m sure my friend is going to love it.

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