Chair Massage Course London

One-Day Chair Massage Course in London for Massage Therapists.

1. Do you want to learn a tried and tested On-site chair massage routine?
2. Do you want to learn powerful chair massage techniques (based on Japanese and Chinese massage)
2. Do you want to attract more clients in your own massage practice?
3.  Are interested in working with us in any of our 5 London chair massage shops?
4. Do you want to be added to our corporate massage list for office massage work?
5. Would you like to learn a very effective massage routine without using oils or the need for your clients to undress.

Benefits of our London chair massage course.

* Learn in just one day and save money!!
* No need to complete 30-50 case histories.
* Receive personal attention from the teacher.
* You will be giving lots of effective back massages.
* And receiving and experiencing lots of invigorating and relaxing back massages.
* You’ll leave feeling confident and ready to give an effective chair and desk massage treatment.
* Learn how to massage in a relaxed way without any tension or holding in your own body.
* You’ll have the opportunity to work in any of our 5 walk-in massage shops
* Learn a few powerful Acupressure points for deep relaxation.
* We’ll share with you some very effective Shiatsu techniques for healing for your client and yourself.
* We will pass on all the experience that we have in chair massage since the company started in 1995.
* We have a maximum of 10 people, using just 5 chairs, keeping it small and ensuring individual attention.

Also after you have completed the chair massage training day, you’ll have the option if you choose, to get a one-hour private session with an experienced teacher to really master what you learnt on the day for just £50 (Usually £90) This is a great opportunity to get complete attention to perfect and fine-tune any areas that the teacher feels would improve your massage. (This offer is only valid for 3 months from the date of the course.)


“Walk-in Backrub provides thousands of backrubs a week to stressed out Londoners.”