Corporate Office Massage Rates/Prices

Corporate Office Massage Rates for one-off bookings.

Duration No of massages The Cost
1 Hour 2-6 People £80
2 Hours 4-12 People £130
3 Hours 6-16 People £195
4 Hours 4-20 People £220
All Day (10:00am – 5:00pm) 10-32 People £282

Please let us know if you are thinking of having a regular massage for businesses as our office massage rates get lower the more frequent you book.

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Please call us if you have any questions about corporate massage

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Our corporate office massage rates change depending on a number of hours booked and frequency
of booking a Walk-in Backrub mobile therapist. Below is a Chair Massage Price List for one-off bookings for office massage.

Our Office massage Therapist(s) can arrive at your Workplace within 24 hours of booking.

2 hours

£67+vat per Hour

4 to 12 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

2 hours

£65+vat per Hour

6 to 16 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

4 hours

£55+vat per Hour

4 to 20 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

All hours

£45+vat per Hour

10 to 32 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

Please contact us if you’re interested in booking regular office massage visits as
we can work out a better package for you.