Corporate Office Massage Rates/Prices

Corporate Office Massage Rates for one-off bookings.

Duration No of massages The Cost
1 Hour 2-6 People £80
2 Hours 4-12 People £130
3 Hours 6-16 People £195
4 Hours 4-20 People £220
All Day (10:00am – 5:00pm) 10-32 People £282

Please let us know if you are considering booking our regular office massage service for your company as our office massage service costs get lower the more frequently you book.

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Our corporate office massage rates change depending on how many hours are booked and the frequency of booking a Walk-in Backrub mobile therapist. Below is a Chair Massage Price List for one-off bookings for office massage. Our Office massage Therapists can arrive at your Workplace within 24 hours of booking. Office Massage Boosts Morale

2 hours

£67+vat per Hour

4 to 12 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

2 hours

£65+vat per Hour

6 to 16 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

4 hours

£55+vat per Hour

4 to 20 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

All hours

£45+vat per Hour

10 to 32 people

Call: 0207 436 9875

Please contact us if you’re interested in booking regular office massage visits as
we can work out a better package for you.