Corporate Massage Company

A corporate massage company based in London.  

Walk-in Backrub has over 23 years experiences providing chair massages to companies.

We have been providing a unique form of office chair massage in the workplace to hundreds of businesses since 1995.

Corporate Massage is a very effective form of massage therapy that reduces stress and increases productivity and positive energy in a company.  It is also an excellent way to boost morale, reward employee performance, enhance the health and wellness of your business.

Corporate Massage doesn’t take a lot of time, will not interfere with the flow of your business and the chair massage is received fully clothed with no messy oils.

Stress in the workplace is significant in poor performance and reduced productivity.

A stress-free workplace is happier, efficient and more productive.

Corporate massage company benefits.  

Our Corporate On-site Massage Service leaves your employees feeling energised, relaxed and motivated, resulting in your company getting the best out of your staff.

So Take care of your business by taking care of your employees.

Appreciated employees will give more back to the company.

Give Walk-in Backrub Seated Corporate Massage service a try and experience the benefits to the company for yourselves.

We want you to experience the finest corporate massage company in the UK.

Why use Walk-in Backrub office massage service

We want you to experience the finest corporate massage service in the UK.

We have a minimum booking for two hours. Our On-Site Massage rates are based on the length of massages and the number of people.

Contact us now to discuss your company’s needs and to help you make the most of your time and budget.

Let Walk-in backrub’s massage services visit your company once a month to promote a relaxed motivated and productive working environment.

Our seated corporate massage service is available seven days a week.

Corporate Massage Company based in London